A dog rescued from an animal shelter is the world’s first snowboarder

January 15, 2021 Stories


A cute Labrador Retriever dog named Penny became the world’s first snowboard dog.

After being rescued from euthanasia as a puppy, Benny has been learning to ski for a year after former skateboarding instructor Sherrill Del Sangro took him to training. She has a friend who suggested making a fan video for Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL team that made it to the Stanley Cup, and that’s how Benny started learning to skate!

Del Sangro and her friend shot a video of Penny walking around on ice with a hockey stick and puck, but not actually skating.

Then Del Sangro thought that maybe Penny really wanted to skate and made him a pair of special skate shoes. After some agility training, Benny was carefully escorted to the ice rink. He went to the ice cream and sled very quickly.


“I just started teaching him the same way to teach a toddler and he took it incredibly well. He was able to stand and ski on his own the first day we tried,” Del Sangro told PEOPLE . “It gets even better.”

Benny entered Del Sangro’s life after he was almost undesirable to anyone else.

“He spent six months in a Utah homicide home and ended up being put on the euthanasia list,” she said. “A local Las Vegas rescue team pulled him out on his last day and brought him to Las Vegas, but no one adopted him. But when I saw his eyes in the photo, I knew it should be for me. I filled out forms and finally met him. And that was instant love. ”

Benny enjoys the ice rink and wiggles his tail every time he steps on the ice. He also likes to go on ice without skis to put his feet up.

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