The dog is left behind after 299 other dogs found families at the adoption event to come home forever

January 9, 2021 Stories


The pit bull was almost the last dog to stand at an adoption event that saw 299 other dogs find families forever, but no one stopped looking at him. Nobody’s interest in the “gentle, gentle giant” left the rescuers puzzled and grieved.

King Zeus was a longtime resident of the Indiana Hamilton County’s Humane Society (HSHC). When he arrived in April, the homeless dog had clearly endured a lot on the street – there were scars all over his face.

Despite its rough and bumpy appearance, the 9-year-old Weimaraner / Pitbull mix quickly “won our hearts,” wrote HSHC. “His loving eyes, love for pets, and hugs made him a favorite with the staff. Zeus loves people of all ages – including children!”

But it could be that he was lying quietly in his overlooked chest at the fair for adoption. HSHC wrote, “He lies quietly at home and watches the people who come by.” “He never barks to get attention. It’s like he’s lost hope of finding a home forever.”

He might have lost hope because he had been adopted earlier, but they just didn’t go well together because they had other dogs in the house.

HSHC stated on its adoption page that “life with other dogs is very difficult for a King Zeus”. “We do know, however, that he was good with the children he lived with and that he loved people more than anything.”


So King Zeus returned to the shelter to patiently wait for someone to realize how special he was.

And luckily somebody did it at some point. Austin Smith saw Zeus shortly after the adoption and took him home.

“Today, after months of waiting, King Zeus has found his home forever! Thank you to everyone who shared this post and sent him your thoughts and wishes,” wrote HSHC happily on Facebook.

Watch King Zeus’ Freedom March in the video below.

To support the Hamilton County’s Humane Society and to find out what other animals they have for adoption, visit their website.

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