The attacked pit bull finds a home forever with the officer who saved him

January 8, 2021 Stories


Of all the different stray animals, pit bulls seem to have a hard time finding a home. But not this next nobleman, he found a home forever with the policeman who helped him off the street.

It all started when Officer Jim Tucci received an anonymous phone call that took him and his partner to the suburbs. When the two reached the scene, they were stunned by the condition of pit bulls who were found tied to a pole.

Both the six-month-old baby Hemi and the foreigner were in dire straits. They were severely malnourished and covered with fleas. Both legs were in such dire condition that they could not force them to walk when the officers returned to the car.

It wasn’t until the two arrived at the SPCA in Niagara County that the true extent of their neglect became apparent. Of the two, Hemi seemed to make it worse, with countless open wounds covering his body.

Unfortunately, the Niagara County’s SPCA already knows how to deal with these situations. They created a GoFund Me page that quickly raised over $ 5,000!


Despite what they went through, the two pieces showed no aggression towards the people around them and the shelter staff fell in love with them almost instantly.

On the other side of town, Officer Tucci couldn’t get Hemi out of his head. He and his wife had just talked about adopting another dog so he thought he would hit while the iron is hot and show her a picture of another pit bull rescuing him.

The next day, the two actually filled in the sheets and adopted Hemi! After only a week with Officer Tucci, his wife and the Frenchman Mane, Hemi seems to be recovering faster and his real face begins to glow.

The state is also expected to be adopted once she recovers from the vice mayor who fell in love with her. So Pit Bull puppies who started their lives unloved and neglected are finally surrounded by love, warmth and care.

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