An abandoned German Shepherd dog at a gas station licks a woman’s knee to call for help

January 15, 2021 Stories


The dog’s rescuer, Shannon Ackerman, had just rescued a husky dog ​​and ran it off a freeway when she was surprised by another stray mother after breaking into a gas station.

Ackerman was at a gas station in Missouri City, Texas when the dog caught her.

“When I started pumping gasoline, I felt something lick my knee, which scared me,” Ackerman, an independent canine lifeguard, told The Dodo. “When I looked down, this sad and sad German Shepherd Dog who appeared to have had a litter looked at me with an expression on his face like, ‘Can you help me please? “”

After being asked if someone lost a dog, she learns from the gas station owner that he saw someone throw the dog and run away.

The German Shepherd Ackerman named Mercy must have instinctively known Ackerman was a “dog person” and could help her when she kept trying to get into her car. But Ackerman didn’t have room with three rescues of her other dogs, boxes and supplies, so she came up with a plan.


She coordinated with fellow rescuer Whitney Hartmann, who was still at the place where the huskies were picked up, and asked if she would get a German Shepherd.

As soon as Hartman stopped at the station and opened her car door, Mercy jumped up.

Soon after, grace was checked, purified, and a meal given. Hartmann named Sauver Des Chiens, an incubation group that specializes in German Shepherd Dogs and that stabilizes mercy well.

They soon confirmed what Ackerman and Hartman already knew – Mercy is a very kind dog. Unfortunately, Mercy misses her dogs and cannot find out where they are. The rescue group is trying to help and is actively searching Craigslist and social media to see if anyone is selling their dogs.

But Sauver Des Chiens’ main goal is to find Mercy a home forever. To apply to adopt Mercy, visit their website.

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