The pheasant carries an injured stray dog ​​on its back and finds it at home forever

January 13, 2021 Stories


A cyclist who was hiking in the woods with some friends saved the life of a stray dog.

Jarrett Little was riding a bicycle in the woods near Columbus, Georgia when he spots the dog, who was apparently hit by a car.

cyclist saves dog

We stopped to regroup and went out of the woods to greet each other. Little told CBS News, “He was really thin, his ribs were showing, and he had a lot of rashes on the street and a broken leg.

They gave the dog water and food and then Jarrett carried the dog on his back and he rode his bike into town for help. But even he couldn’t have imagined what would happen next.

“They say the odds of winning the lottery are one in a million. This puppy was the winner this week. An amazing chain of happy events,” wrote Gret on Facebook.

They found Andrea Shaw the instant they arrived in downtown Columbus and went to a local bike shop to get the dog more water and food. Andrea was in town on a business trip from Maine and met Jarrett and saw the dog. Help offered immediately, “Colombo.”

Colombo must have known Andrea helped him when he immediately hugged her.

The adventures of Colombo [Andrea] wrote, “I [Colombo the dog] hugged her because she spoke to me so sweetly. She was bleeding on her new shirt. She must have liked it because when she called her husband and said, “I’m saving this dog – it’s bleeding and it’s broken and I’m not going to let go. “Joel Shaw replied,” Okay. Is your hotel pet friendly? “”


Andrea took Colombo to an ambulance where it was determined that Colombo had a broken front toe and a broken rear leg.

She paid for Colombo’s operation and started an organization, Canine Freedom Transportation, to help bring the dog back to Maine and her horse farm.

Andrea wrote: “Poe traveled with 25 pegs in his hind leg after having four braces for fractures and a full splint on the foreleg to stabilize his broken toe.” “They gave him all of his medication and held him comfortably until he was back in my arms.”

Now Colombo is settling into his new life and getting to know his new family.

He befriends Andrea’s horses, including Luquillo, a 13-year-old German.

Jarrett now wants to save Colombo and has to think about how lucky Colombo is. Not only is he crossing with Colombo, but also that my neighbor runs into Andrea, who is totally weird when he did it. “If I had been five minutes earlier or five minutes later, we wouldn’t have crossed the tracks with her,” said Jarrett. “It’s wonderful how far he’s come.”

It’s also great how Andrea Colombo welcomed her heart and not only receives the medical care Colombo needs but also gives him a home forever.

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